From SF to SD

First part from SF to SD

First Part... SF to SD

...Well it is X-mass day and we are in San Diego (SD) with Grace Ann...San Francisco is behind us. We left there on December 8th. This first two weeks had been adjusting to what will be a year or new home and my new dreams...I had always love traveling, but I have to say, this is a very different way, never went through my mind until I med Marc.
I met him when he was finishing his trip from Alaska to San Francisco...well a year later, here I am, driving my own bicycle to Argentina with him...we drove from 30 to 60 miles daily, depending on the day...leaving San Francisco we actually got lost from each other, the first day!... " I wonder if we will actually get to Argentina together"...
We were lucky to miss most of the rain on the way. Somehow, we never really got it, even thought they kept announcing rain in the region. We spent time in Santa Cruz with friends and even relaxed on their jacuzzi for one evening under the full moon, not bad to start!!!. We kept on pedaling along the coast and since they kept announcing rain we decided to make contact with someone from "warm-showers", a website for bicycle travelers. Well we met this great couple in Pacific Grove, Diego from Spain and Rosie from United States, they met in Chile. It was great to be there for a few days, shared similar adventures, they had also been traveling with their bicycles around Asia.
Meeting all these people make trips like this great...but it is time to keep going, it is hard to leave sometime especially when you are eating home-made bread in a warm cozy home, but the road is there, waiting for us, so we got up early put our thinks together and hit the road...the great Big Sur was on the way...and it was great! Probably the best way to go through this part of the Hwy 1 or walking even better...we only had to stop one morning and let the hail go by. After a few hours, we put our warm rainy gear on and pedaled out to go over the hill to find the most beautiful sun on the other side, the weather and the sun keep us company until we got to San it is raining here and tomorrow we continue to cross into Tijuana, Mexico...
Me...On our 5 day bicycle trip with Thomasito... around Napa
La "Nona" Marc's Bike on the road from Alaska to San Francisco

Born on the 21st of September, 1972 in Barcelona, being middle of three brothers, he lived his childhood in a fishing town located in the Maresme (Premiá de Mar).

A“Photography”, another of his great passions, make his life, full of unexpected events.

During those years, living a nomad life, travelling through authochtonous places, his interest to capture the images, were useful to have knowledge of the truth about this absolutely unknown world for most of its inhabitants. Lacking in knowdledge concerning growth, completely diverging to a reality, give us the opportunity to develope and live where we live for thousand of years.
While time passed, Marc was becoming interested and keeping in touch with people with a criterion and very strong values. The respect, solidarity, creativity, knowledge, imagination, inconformism , tolerance, value, freedom, were some of the concepts that make him follow a different way more agreeable with the reality that he wanted to live.

After some years dedicated to the competition, he decided to make a 180 degree turn to his life, to break with this divergence that was becoming a distressed.
The decision was not easy, Sartre, Van Gogh, Epicuro, help him to make it.

Sartre (1905-1980): The human being must be free and should not allow society to restrict himself to reach this freedom.

Van Gogh ( 1853-1890): What would life have been if we have not the courage to try something.

Epicuro (341-270 a.J.C.): To feel good with ourselves, we should know how to distinguish what is needed than what is seems to.

Three months later, dreams that seem impossible started to become true. With two backpacks, one of them containing a very small luggage, and in the other one, the photographic equipment, he was embarked in an adventure that should take him to travel across South America during 365 days. Starting point, Ushuaya (Argentina), followed by Chile, Bolivia, Brasil and Uruguay.
Travelling alone, from this first trip, many adventures and anecdotes arisen, 2500 pictures were taken, being available some of them in this web.
This trip also was useful to make an approachment more objective about what was necessary and what was the best method to communicate to the human beings the experiences and sensations felt through an image.